Police arrest ‘lateral thinking’ founder Michael Ballweg — RT DE

29 June 2022 20:18 The founder of the “lateral thinking” movement Michael Ballweg was arrested in Stuttgart on Wednesday – apparently on suspicion of fraud and money laundering. Ballweg is said to have misappropriated donations that were intended for demonstrations. Source: www.globallookpress.com © Arnulf Hettrich via www.imago-images.de Michael Ballweg, the founder of the “lateral thinking” […]

Turkey paves way for NATO’s northern expansion – Kurdish diaspora now pays for US interests — RT EN

The Ukraine war has already revealed fractures in Europe’s multicultural society. With the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO thanks to Turkey’s final approval, a deep distrust is now emerging between Kurds and Western Europeans. by Seyed Alireza Mousavi In the course of the Ukraine war, Finland and Sweden, also encouraged by the USA, […]

Driving alone only helps Putin — RT EN

The head of the energy committee in the Ukrainian parliament has called on his country’s citizens to use petrol responsibly. This also includes, for example, not driving around alone in the car. In this case, the Russian President would almost always be the beneficiary in the car. Driving alone in the current energy crisis is […]

Virologist Drosten calls the police and ends vacation early — RT DE

The government adviser and chief virologist at the Berlin Charité Christian Drosten left a campsite prematurely due to verbal hostility. After an argument with permanent campers, he called the police and filed a complaint for insult and defamation. A camping stay south of the Müritz in the Mecklenburg Lake District, which was originally planned for […]