BVB fans mock Lewandowski: The dubious luck of FC Bayern

The Bundesliga was looking forward to a top game. And the Bundesliga got a top game. FC Bayern wrestles Borussia Dortmund in a wild duel. Two very controversial decisions help the master, who, however, also has Robert Lewandowski. What did Lionel Messi actually do? Well, once again officially the best footballer on the planet had […]

Older than Alpha and Delta: Researcher: Early omicron variant has existed for a very long time

The Corona variant Omikron could soon also be the dominant virus type in Europe. According to one of its discoverers, at least one of the forerunners of the mutant is probably older than the currently predominant Delta type. It is unclear how the omicron came about and, above all, how dangerous it is. According to […]

"Enforce general amnesty": US worries about executions in Afghanistan

A report by Human Rights Watch reveals numerous executions of former Afghan security forces by the Taliban. The Islamists actually promised them an amnesty. Western states are now urging to implement them. The US, the European Union and other countries are concerned about reports by human rights organizations that former security forces have disappeared or […]

Disagreement about mandatory vaccinations: Wissing advises against Christmas trips

The designated Federal Minister of Transport, Wissing, warns the population to spend Christmas in small groups instead of traveling across the country. Union faction leader Brinkhaus even calls for further tightening of the measures in hotspots. He doesn’t even want to stop at schools. In view of the fourth wave of corona, the designated Federal […]