Communicate live and virtually: With these tips, the hybrid meeting is a success

Hybrid meetings have been part of everyday life for many since the corona pandemic. Here are a few tips to ensure that the mix of virtual and face-to-face communication is successful.

Due to the corona pandemic, remote work has become more attractive in many companies. But while some enjoy working from their own four walls, others are drawn to the office. Communication then mostly takes place via hybrid meetings. Means: One part is switched on virtually, while the rest is live on site. However, meetings of this kind do not always run smoothly, for example due to technical problems or a lack of equipment. Integrating all participants equally into the conversation can also be difficult. These tips will help.

Test the technology in advance

Whether PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or headphones: the technology has to work perfectly on both sides in hybrid meetings. Both employers and employees should not shy away from considering technical upgrades. A little test beforehand can’t hurt. To do this, simply ask a colleague for two minutes and provide appropriate feedback. During the meeting, it is possible to involve an IT employee who will take care of technical matters.

Communicate through headphones

Headphones have a clear advantage in virtual meetings: the voice comes out better and background noise is almost completely faded out. During the meeting, however, the following applies: If you are not speaking, you should use the mute function. So the drilling work at the neighbour’s or your own typing noises on the keyboard have no chance of distracting the others.

Strong moderation

It is best to open the virtual meeting room a quarter of an hour in advance so that everyone can log in in good time. If the right technology is available, it depends on preparation and strong moderation. For colleagues from the home office, a brief presentation of the agenda is important at the beginning, this provides an overview. The manager should be able to moderate comfortably, speak clearly and integrate all employees, both on-site and virtually, into the discussion. A loosening up in between, for example with small GIFs in the presentation, word games or short drinking and toilet breaks ensure a good atmosphere in the team.

Integrate all people

So that everyone involved can have their say, it makes sense to assign a person from the office as a sponsor to each employee from home. The task here is to interact on site if the virtual colleague wants to get involved. They can notify their godparents in private chat.

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Workshop for managers

Managers have the opportunity to complete workshops on hybrid meetings. There is tutoring for technical tools, but also for the design of active moderation and good organization.