Data leak: is my Twitch account at risk?

The programming code from Twitch and lists with alleged income from entertainers active there are already circulating on the net. Are the data of the viewers now also in danger?

The streaming platform Twitch has been the victim of a major data theft. A stranger published a data packet on the network that, according to him, contains the entire programming code of the service. Does this leak affect the audience? A question that most users of the Twitch streaming platform are likely to ask themselves. The company belonging to Amazon has given the all-clear for the time being: There is currently no evidence that login data for user accounts has been disclosed. And full credit card numbers would not be saved anyway.

However, Twitch is still a long way from completing its investigation into the incident. And for good reason: On the one hand, security experts anticipate that further data may have been captured and published.

The search for vulnerabilities begins

On the other hand, it is likely that hackers will take a close look at the published programming code, possibly discover security gaps and use them to target the platform.

Therefore, it will certainly not hurt users to change their Twitch password now. On the contrary: in case of doubt, you can anticipate another leak, which may also include account access data. In order to protect yourself effectively against possible future attacks, you should also activate two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Twitch account.

2FA throws off attackers More on the subject

Because with 2FA, attackers cannot log into the account even if they have stolen the password. You would simply be missing a second access code that is requested. Only the respective user can see it on their smartphone.

Millions of people on Twitch watch others play live games and comment on themselves. There is now more and more live content from other areas, from music to talk and cooking.



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