Millions of dollars in damage in Stuttgart: Charging e-bus probably triggered a major fire in the depot

In the middle of the night, a bus depot in Stuttgart catches fire. 25 vehicles are destroyed, the damage runs into the millions. Now it becomes clear: the charging process of an electric bus was probably the trigger.

After the fire in a bus depot of the Stuttgart tram, the suspicion has been confirmed that the fire originated from an electric bus. An initial assessment of the data from the fire alarm system and the associated temperature sensors showed that the charging process of the electric bus could have triggered the fire, as the Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office announced. Further investigations should be carried out, but a technical defect is currently assumed.

A week ago, the fire burned down and destroyed 25 buses, causing millions of euros in damage. According to the local transport company SSB, there were occasional disabilities in the Stuttgart bus service.

Residents of the industrial site on which the depot is located had been asked to keep windows and doors closed, switch off air conditioning and ventilation systems and avoid the affected area. However, the fire brigade did not determine any increased values ​​in the vicinity of the major fire during air measurements on the morning after the fire and gave the all-clear.

In the fire, six SSB employees received medical care – two came to a hospital for further care with suspected smoke poisoning. A total of 210 firefighters were on duty to extinguish the flames. Eyewitnesses reported the fire around 8 p.m. on Thursday evening, according to a police spokeswoman. The large column of smoke over the east of Stuttgart could be seen in photos and videos. A helicopter circled over the city for a long time.