On the way to the new Bayern contract: Süle just wants to be praised

Most recently, FC Bayern was able to extend contracts with several of its regular players. Niklas Süle is once again one of the football professionals with continuous appearances. But he has not yet signed a signature. The defender is waiting for the decisive factor.

Football national player Niklas Süle is apparently hoping for a sign of appreciation from the bosses before a possible contract extension with Bayern Munich. “I know what I have in the club. But I also know that such decisions are always about trust – about my trust in the club, but above all vice versa,” said Süle of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

The 26-year-old’s contract expires in the summer and he could then move on for a free transfer. Most recently, it was said that after difficult months he would only have to recommend himself for a new contract with performance. But he shows this under coach Julian Nagelsmann. In the current season he has been used in every game across all competitions, playing full time in more than half of the games.

Süle sees his future as “completely open”. He and his family felt very much at home in Munich, “but first I have to be clear about what is best for me. (…) I never said that I definitely had to go, I never said that I will definitely stay here. ” However, should both sides come to the conclusion that further cooperation would make sense, he would “do everything in his power to stay here”. Otherwise, he could imagine “that I would say: I am free of charge and I dare to do something new again.”

Süle’s recently published quotes from alleged cell phone chats in which he raves about clubs in England like Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur, he classified with the words: “That was really a long time ago. Back then there were a few things that just weren’t ran around. “