Shot by the mask opponent: Mother takes a moving farewell to Alex

He was chaotic and crazy, but above all loving and funny. This is what the mother of the 20-year-old shot by a mask opponent said. At the funeral service, she repeatedly fought back tears in front of 400 guests. But above all it has a message in Alex’s sense.

Almost three weeks after the fatal shot at a 20-year-old in a gas station in Idar-Oberstein, the mother remembered her son in poignant words. “My angel, I will always love you and your name will never be forgotten,” she said at a public memorial service in Idar-Oberstein. “His name was Alex and we are proud of him”. The 20-year-old student, who worked as a temporary worker in the gas station, was shot dead by a customer on September 18 after he had repeatedly drawn his attention to the corona-related mask requirement.

Around 400 people came to the “memory of Alex”, including members of the family and many friends. They sat in the hall in silence for a long time before the commemoration began, mostly dressed in black. In front of a stage that was decorated with white and red roses. And on the – framed by candles – there was a large picture of Alex. How he used to laugh.

Again and again the mother fought back tears. Her son was “much more” than the boy who died at the gas station. “Alex was a fun-loving, helpful, intelligent, charming, charismatic and chaotic and crazy, but above all a loving and funny young man,” she said. He never wanted everyone to be sad because of him, she said. “It would also not have been in his sense that innocent people were attacked.” Such as the perpetrator’s family, for example. “Because they too are only victims. These people have not pulled the trigger. Hate does not get us any further in life. Hate only embittered. Love is worth so much more.”

“Don’t take your life for granted”

The investigation of the Bad Kreuznach public prosecutor’s office into murder has not yet been concluded. Alex had warned a 49-year-old about the mask requirement, because he wanted to buy beer without a mask. The man then shot the 20-year-old in the head from the front. He later told the police that he opposed the corona measures. The 49-year-old German is in custody. The act caused great horror and sympathy nationwide.

Alex’s mother said her appeal to everyone was: “Don’t take your life for granted. Make something of your life. Tell the people you care about that you love them and are proud of them at every opportunity. Because nobody knows if there will be a next time. ” She thanked her for the great sympathy and affection that had been shown to her after the crime. The burial is planned for a later date in the immediate family circle.