"Summer house of the stars" – Episode 3: "Love is not just sticking together"

Mike suffers from deprivation of love, Michelle cries and Steff raves about his hobby – “sex”. The best place to address women: the employment office. Only read the latest developments in the “summer house” if you are allowed to go to the bathroom alone!

Dear readers, please imagine the following situation: Your partner “hangs on” 24 hours a day only by your “bottom” and “besieges” you day and night. Even if you just want to go to the toilet, it says: “We’ll go together!” You cannot talk to your friends in peace and everything you do is controlled. Wouldn’t you take your legs in hand and quickly run away?

“Summer House of the Stars” – episode 3: None of the residents escaped Mike’s behavior, not even that he denied his wife any “freedom”, or, as she calls it, “resets” himself. “I can’t hang on your ass all the time,” Michelle tries to keep her fixed husband off her neck. But he evaluates her wish to be alone sometimes as “turning away” and “deprivation of love!” In the sense of: You just go to the balcony in peace and blow a blow. And the partner yells: Honey, please don’t, that’s deprivation of love when I have to sit alone in front of the telly in the living room!

“Michelle is just sitting in a cage”

This relationship, it brings to light something that seems pretty unhealthy. Michelle’s plea, almost pleading, “to be able to breathe in order to draw new strength” is interpreted by the “threat” directly as “turning away”. “I can’t stand it when you take my love away from me!” He laments. But “Love is not just sticking together.”

And while Mola has been banned from contacting Michelle, Mike is still looking for the way to his girlfriend. How come? Very simple: To cry about the woman he “crushes” and who, as the residents attest to her, “is simply sitting in a cage.” Malle-Steff also feels that his wife Peggy has treated him unfairly. Casually tell the others that when he’s in a party mood, he would leave her standing in the middle of the street and disappear for hours.

Additional problem: For the island macho it is “not so nice” that his Peggy is currently “so self-confident and she doesn’t let everything be said.” Because actually, according to his many years of experience with his mistress, she would like it if he is dominant and makes the announcements. Most of all he would like to get a “cuddle or second woman”, one who sprints. He ponders out loud whether he should “break up”.

“Sex is like a hobby” More on the subject

Oh yes, everything was better in the past anyway! In the past, beautiful Steff made it clear to women everywhere. Because sex was “like a hobby” for him. One then “went to the employment office” to “speak to the women because there were so many sitting there”. But that his Peggy is now stabbing him in the back and “teasing” him, that doesn’t suit poor Mr. Jerkel at all! He sees himself presented as “the bad guy”. Hey, Steff, how was that at the employment office? “If it didn’t work out with the first, then with the fourth.”

Unfortunately, it also didn’t work out for Roland and Janina, who had to admit defeat in the so-called Exit Challenge against Almklausi and his Maritta. Saddened to be disliked by so many people, they pack their bags and clear the field. At least Roland now has time to memorize his mother-in-law’s first name. The first “summer house” triple is now behind us. Next Tuesday it will continue on TV and of course, as always, on TVNOW.