"The Voice of Germany"-Start: Turkish for professionals

The starting sequence of the eleventh “The Voice Of Germany season” not only presents an almost completely renewed jury, but also an impressive newcomer application campaign that definitely makes you want more.

In search of the ultimate singing voice of the year, the eleventh “The Voice Of Germany” season presents itself with a new line-up of coaches. In addition to the two format-experienced hit machines Mark Forster and Nico Santos, soul queen Sarah Connor and ex- “Sing Mein Song” host Johannes Oerding will also take their seats on the red and black jury chairs in autumn 2021.

After a short vocal round of introductions, the Red Carpet Quartet pricked up their ears. The first candidate of the evening sets the bar high. The 63-year-old Jennifer Williams-Braun competes with a bluesy voice to make her children “happy and proud” (“I Put A Spell On You”). Three minutes later, it’s not just Jennifer’s children who applaud enthusiastically. Sarah Connor is also blown away: “That was great. I want to know everything about you!”

Small wars between armchairs A, B, C and D.

The opening blues ennobling is the first highlight of a vocal show, in which the thoroughly entertaining jury members in the race for the airtime and attention crown once again put everything into it. As in the previous seasons, the small wars between armchairs A, B, C and D, which sometimes overshoot, draw the short straw against what is going on on stage.

Entertainment is all well and good. But when someone like muscle physicist Nico Grund from Cologne applies briefly as an Ed Sheeran double for a career in the fast lane (“Supermarket Flowers”), or a geriatric nurse like Archippe Mbongue Ombang sets the tone in a duet with Sarah Connor (“Count On Me”), then the jokes from Mark Forster only cause as much attention as a sad fan in the Hertha block.

Pop, rock and soul lead the way

Again, the candidates, who oscillate between pop, rock and soul, show all their colleagues from the format competition the long nose. What dares to go on the famous four-chair stage has an impressive amount to offer again this year.

In the first episode, in addition to party starter Jennifer Williams-Braun, two more gold throats apply for a ticket to the final. On the one hand there is Katarina Mihaljevic, who is blessed with a lot of “Croatian power” and who lets everyone melt once again shortly before the end of the show (“Drivers License”). Johannes Örding is already predicting great things: “You have to go to all stages in the world!” And Nico Santos even thinks: “You were better than the original!”

The woeful soundtrack of the lovers

The quality bird of the evening was shot by a 38-year-old Berliner with Turkish roots. Zeynep Avci doesn’t need a cover number from the charts to wrap all eye and ear witnesses around the finger. The city dweller with the suffering siren organ sings the aching soul out of her body in her mother tongue.

Like a more experienced professional who strikes the painful soundtrack of the lovers and the abandoned day in and day out on the Bosphorus, Zeynep Avci marks by far the biggest performance exclamation point. You can’t think of too much, except to close your mouth again at some point, put on a glass of raki and shout in the direction of Berlin-Adlershof: Alkış, Alkış! Tebrikler, my dear Zeynep!