Vaccination rate higher than expected: Spahn: No further restrictions necessary

In Germany, significantly more people are vaccinated against the coronavirus than previously recorded by registration data. For Health Minister Spahn, therefore, there is no need for a stricter course in the fight against the pandemic. The applicable rules are currently sufficient.

In view of the higher corona vaccination rate in Germany than previously assumed, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn considers the existing rules to be sufficient. “From today’s perspective, no further restrictions are necessary for this vaccination rate,” said the CDU politician in Berlin, referring to the applicable 2G and 3G rules indoors. The vaccination campaign is therefore more successful than expected. This offers additional protection for autumn and winter.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had previously reported on the basis of a new evaluation that more people were vaccinated than recorded in the registration statistics. It can be assumed that among adults up to 84 percent have already been vaccinated at least once and up to 80 percent have been completely vaccinated. This would correspond to a vaccination rate that is five percentage points higher than according to official reports from the vaccination centers.

Spahn spoke of “really good news” and believes that mask requirements are no longer necessary outdoors – but protection rules remain important indoors. The vaccination campaign was “even more successful than previously thought,” he said. “That gives us additional security for autumn and winter. With prudence and caution, we want step by step back to freedom and normalcy.”

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The vaccination rates that have now been achieved made it possible to dispense with guidelines for wearing medical masks outside. In indoor areas, access rules for vaccinated, convalescent and tested people (3G) with the option for 2G only remain important for vaccinated and convalescent people – as well as hygiene rules with distance and masks, especially on buses and trains.

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach called the new RKI data plausible. Nevertheless, this is not enough for a “Freedom Day” – an end to all restrictions. “A couple of weeks of 2G and good vaccination offers would help,” he tweeted.