19 slightly injured children: school bus collides with a truck near Frankfurt

On the B521 near Frankfurt / Main, a school bus collided with a truck – which in turn collided with several other vehicles. The driver of the bus is trapped and then taken to hospital with other injured people.

A bus with more than 30 children hit a truck on the B521 near the Frankfurt district of Bergen. According to the police, the accident occurred at a traffic light – the truck collided with several other vehicles after the impact. The driver of the bus was trapped and was slightly injured, reports the “Hessenschau“Then he was cut free by the emergency services.

A total of 19 children were also slightly injured and were admitted to a nearby hospital for further examinations, said a police spokesman. According to the fire brigade, another occupant of the truck and a person from a collided van also suffered injuries.

Because of rescue work, the police, fire brigade and rescue service blocked the main road between Bad Vilbel and Bergen-Enkheim. Traffic disruptions can also be expected in the coming hours, said the police spokesman. An expert should now clarify the cause of the accident. Witnesses reported that there was a possible problem with the brakes of the accident witnesses.