Better traffic light than red-green-red: Giffey probes two threes in parallel

The Berlin Social Democrats are looking for allies in two ways. The top candidate also wants to orient itself towards the federal government. Although the Greens, the left and parts of the Berlin SPD prefer to stick to red-green-red, Giffey tends to traffic lights. The CDU is initially empty.

Almost two weeks after the House of Representatives election in Berlin, the SPD, as the winner of the election, has announced a three-way sounding out of a traffic light coalition with the Greens and the FDP as well as a red-green-red alliance. SPD top candidate Franziska Giffey said in the capital city should be spoken to on Monday with the Greens and Liberals, on Tuesday with the previous coalition partners Greens and Left. There is a “preference for the traffic light”.

The CDU, which ended up just behind the Greens in third place in the election on September 26th, would be out of the running. Giffey says the preference is “based on the development we see in the federal government”. At the same time, however, it has also been shown that “the previous coalition partners have shown themselves to be very flexible”. Therefore there will be both exploratory formats. “The soundings will be open-ended,” said Giffey.

CDU angry: “No new start for Berlin”

The Berlin CDU criticized the decision of the SPD and the Greens to continue exploring in two three-way formats with the FDP and the left. “Keep it up or keep it up is the order of the day in Berlin,” said CDU boss Kai Wegner. “Neither with the traffic lights nor with red-green-red there will be a new start for Berlin, this would be so urgently needed.” Berlin needs a real fresh start. “We are still ready for this,” said Wegner.

Greens and leftists had previously spoken out in favor of a continuation of red-green-red. Some SPD district associations and the SPD youth organization Jusos are also calling for the alliance to continue. A possible point of contention in the talks is how to deal with the successful referendum of the “Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate” initiative for the expropriation of large housing groups. This was voted on in Berlin at the same time as the election. The left supports the project, the Greens can imagine expropriations as a last resort. Giffey was originally against the referendum, but declared after the election that the feasibility must now be examined.

Other purely mathematical possible coalitions would be a Kenya alliance of the SPD, the Greens and the CDU or a German coalition of the SPD, CDU and FDP. CDU top candidate Wegner and FDP candidate Sebastian Czaja said even before the election that they wanted to form the latter coalition.