Corona rules: That means 3G, 2G, 3G + and 1G

With the help of the 3G, 2G or 3G + rules, it is currently possible to hold events almost like in the past. But what was the difference again?

Stadium, club, theater: Germany has opened again, but under certain conditions. With the help of the G-Rules, it is currently possible to hold events again anywhere – often even without the obligation to use a mask or distance.

Even if the handling of the G-rules differs in the federal states, the terms always mean the same thing. You need to know them now, and these are the differences:


The 3G rule has been in effect since 23 August for events, body-hugging services, in the catering trade, as well as for visits to hospitals or nursing homes.

The 3G rule includes those who have been vaccinated and recovered, as well as those who have been tested. Either a valid vaccination certificate or a health certificate must be presented as proof. Those who were neither sick nor vaccinated can undergo a PCR test (maximum 48 hours old) or rapid test (maximum 24 hours old) and – of course, only if the test result is negative – take part in the respective event as the person being tested.

As long as the 7-day incidence in a county is stable below 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the federal states can suspend the 3G rule in whole or in part.


2G only includes people who have been vaccinated against the virus or who have already recovered from the disease.

The 2G rule is currently part of heated discussions. Hamburg was the first to use the 2G option model, and some federal states have since followed suit. The option model leaves it to the restaurateurs and organizers to decide whether they want to introduce 2G in their rooms. The advantages: There is no need to wear a mask or distance rules. However, those who have been tested have to stay outside.

3G +

Only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested with a PCR test may participate in the 3G + rule. PCR tests are more precise and safer than rapid or self-tests, but they are also more expensive and less flexible. The state of Bavaria is currently relying on the 3G + rule and would like to return to normality as quickly as possible.

It is now even possible to fill the football stadium down to the last seat if the organizer follows the 3G + rule. The same applies to restaurants and discos. Then – as with the 2G model – the vast majority of other measures such as mask requirements or distance requirements are no longer applicable.

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In a very few cases, restaurateurs – or a Bayreuth clinic – have also introduced the 1G rule: This only refers to those who have been tested. The reason for this is the fact that vaccinated and convalescent people can also transmit the disease, explained the clinic.