Diamond on horseback: Equestrian statue for Merkel unveiled

Last visit to the Queen, home trip to Templin, last papal audience: the outgoing Chancellor is currently going through many stages of her close departure from office. Now Merkel is also getting an equestrian statue. It is not known whether she likes it.

An equestrian statue of Chancellor Angela Merkel was unveiled in the Upper Palatinate in the evening. The 2.70 meter high, life-size sculpture is made of lightweight concrete using a suitable 3D printer. The idea came from the artist Wilhelm Koch, who has been realizing unusual projects such as an air museum with sculptures made from inflated rubber tubes for decades.

No bridle, no saddle: the rider apparently steers with her thighs.

(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

The equestrian statue shows the CDU politician sitting on a mare and “dressed in her typical trouser suit, her hands shaped into a Merkel diamond,” as Koch explained. He deliberately did without a pedestal: “So grounded, as Angela Merkel has shaped politics, she is presented as a rider: on a piece of lawn with a view to the east, saddle-firmly enthroned even without a saddle and bridle, and in the safe position of her mount, an American Quarter Horse. ”

Appreciation? Irony? Best seller?

Koch created the monument “as an ambivalent sculpture”. He asks himself: “Is it appreciation or irony?” The artist emphasizes: “A public tribute on horseback in 2021 seems as absurd to most people as a horse-drawn carriage in Formula 1.” The concrete sculpture was set up at the Temple Museum Etsdorf. Various cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts take place there.

There is no reason to fear that critics of the statue will have to suffer forever from this. The artist told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that Merkel shouldn’t stay on the spot forever. He gives his work half a year, then he wants to monetize the statue. When asked what happens if nobody wants a horse and rider, he admitted that it could actually happen. For potential investors, however, it may be interesting that the artist did not receive any financial support from political sources for the realization. In this respect, it cannot be ruled out that Merkel’s successor will one day erect her equestrian statue in front of the Chancellery. An aesthetic appreciation of Merkel is also still pending.