Federal Council decides: The penalties of the new catalog of fines

Due to a formal error, the new rules for the catalog of fines could not be implemented in 2020. Today the Federal Council will decide again and it is unlikely that the tightening will not be decided. Here is an overview of what road users can expect.

Actually, the amendment to the catalog of fines regulation had already been in force since April 28, 2020. But because of a formal error – a lack of reference to the necessary legal basis – they did not become legally binding. Now, according to the Federal Ministry of Transport, the federal and state governments have agreed on a new catalog of fines after months of dispute. This is being voted on in the Federal Council today and it is unlikely that the future tightening of traffic law and the associated higher fines will not be resolved.

Here is an overview of what drivers and other road users can expect:

Anyone who does not form an emergency lane in a traffic jam or even uses one themselves must expect a fine of between 200 and 320 euros and a month’s driving ban. Drivers who park their vehicle in the general no-stopping or parking ban will in future find a ticket under the windshield wiper of up to 55 euros instead of up to 15 euros, as was previously the case. NEW: Anyone who parks an e-car charging space or for a car sharing space will be warned of 55 euros. Parking violations at officially marked fire service entrances or obstruction of rescue vehicles cost up to 100 euros. Unauthorized parking in a parking space for the disabled is charged at 55 euros instead of 35 euros. Truck drivers who do not drive walking pace in town when turning right have to pay 70 euros. The car posers also have to pay for it: causing unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust emissions as well as unnecessary driving back and forth will no longer cost 20 euros in the future, but up to 100 euros. According to ADAC, it will be significantly more expensive in the future for speed offenders: The previous warning fines for exceeding speeds of up to 20 km / h will be doubled when the new catalog of fines comes into force. If you exceed a speed limit of up to 10 km / h in an urban area, you have to pay EUR 30 instead of EUR 15, if you exceed a speed of 11-15 km / h EUR 50 instead of EUR 25, and between 16 and 20 km / h EUR 70 instead of EUR 35. If you drive on sidewalks, bike paths or hard shoulders contrary to the regulations, you can expect a fine of up to 100 euros instead of the previous 25 euros. .