"I am very embarrassed": Adele packs in the "Vogue" the end

The cover coup that superstar Adele landed has already been reported. After all, she is the first person to appear on the front pages of Vogue in the United States and Great Britain at the same time. But the singer’s interviews with the two magazines are also tough.

Singer Adele is back. Not just with music – their new single “Easy On Me” is due to be released on October 15th. She is also the first celebrity to appear on the cover of UK and US Vogue at the same time.

At the same time, she gave interviews to the two magazines independently, in which she talks about her weight loss, her divorce and her new relationship, among other things. And these are the main revelations from the British superstar:

Adele on her divorce

She put herself first when she decided to divorce Simon Konecki, Adele explains frankly. In March there were reports that the 33-year-old and her ex-husband had reached an agreement on the terms of her divorce. The artist had been in a relationship with Konecki since 2011. In 2012 their son Angelo was born, the wedding followed according to court documents in 2018. In 2019, Adele’s management announced the separation.

At the time of the separation, she was “not happy,” says Adele of the US “Vogue” now. “Neither of us did anything wrong.” They wouldn’t have hurt each other. “It was just: I want my son to see how I really love and be loved. That is really important to me.” Since then she has been on a journey “to find my true happiness”.

She and Konecki kept the separation to themselves “for a very long time,” said Adele. “We had to take our time because it was about a child,” she says in British Vogue. “I would trust him with my life,” she adds about her ex. “I definitely picked the perfect person to have a child.” That is one of the things that she is particularly proud of in her life.

She and her ex lived close together, shared custody of their son and often hosted family movie nights, Adele continues. “He’s not one of my ex-boyfriends. He’s the father of my child,” she told the US edition of the magazine. In the British equivalent, she explains: “We got married when I was 30 … and then I left.” She doesn’t want to say how long she stayed with Konecki after the wedding. She was “very embarrassed” because: “It wasn’t very long.”

Adele about her new boyfriend

Meanwhile, Adele is in love again. For the first time, she talks at length about her new boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul. She feels safe with him, says the singer, and not “fearful, nervous or exhausted”. They were already good friends before they got together earlier this year, Adele reveals. They would have met at a party a few years ago.

Adele is sure that she knows exactly what she wants as a “33-year-old divorced mother of a son who actually has the say”. “The last thing I need is someone who doesn’t know where they stand or what they want. I know what I want,” she says. “And I really know what I don’t want.” Adele and Paul made their first public appearance together at an NBA game in July. To make their relationship known was not the plan, Adele clarifies: “I just wanted to go to the game. I just love being around him. I just love it.”

She also dated other men before her relationship with Paul began, Adele said. That would never have worked, however, because their dates would have found the high public attention as stressful. With Rich Paul it’s different: “He’s great. He’s so funny. He’s so smart,” she enthuses.

Adele loves sports more than anything

In an interview with the British “Vogue” Adele also reveals that she is addicted to sports. About her weight loss – the singer is said to have lost 45 kilos – she says: “It was because of my anxiety. I just feel better when I exercise.” It was never about losing weight. “It was always about getting strong and giving myself plenty of time off my phone every day. I got pretty addicted to it. I exercise two or three times a day.”

In the morning Adele trains with weights, in the afternoon she goes hiking or boxing, and in the evening she does endurance training. They get support from trainers. She knows that this is a privilege of the rich, said the singer. “This is not feasible for many,” says Adele, a little embarrassed, according to Vogue.