Right-wing extremists in "Wolf pack": Bundeswehr investigates against guard battalion

The guard battalion is a figurehead of the Bundeswehr and accompanies the Chancellor on state visits. Now there are said to have been right-wing extremist incidents in this group as well. It is investigated because of “hatred of the people and the departure from the free and democratic basic order”.

A right-wing extremist group of at least six soldiers is said to have formed within the Bundeswehr guard battalion. That reports the “Mirrors” and relies on an eyewitness report that is said to have been submitted to the Department of Defense. The Bundeswehr is investigating several armed forces that called their right wing association “wolf packs”. The witness described the attitudes of the members as “folk or national”, in some cases even as “right-wing radical”.

The Guard Battalion is an elite military force consisting of around 1,000 soldiers. It accompanies state bodies such as the Federal President or the Federal Chancellor at official appointments. According to the magazine, the “wolf pack” is being investigated internally for “extremist behavior, hatred of the people and the departure from the free and democratic basic order”. In this context, the Military Counter-Intelligence Service (MAD) is also involved in the investigation.

It is about cruel admission rituals and violations of sexual self-determination. According to witnesses, the rituals include, for example, “urinating in the shower”, “punching the liver” and “lighting parts of the body with a lighter and cigarette”. A soldier’s genitals were held in his face while he was sleeping.

Ministry of Defense “deeply” ashamed

The comrades have hardly hidden their extreme tendencies. A 32-year-old corporal, presumed leader of the group, wore a T-shirt with the words “We are brown” on the back and “Sonnenstudio 88” on the front. The “8” stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet, the “H” – and is used in the right-hand circles for the forbidden greeting “Heil Hitler”. The private has been investigated for weeks because he is said to have racially insulted Asian comrades.

He has therefore already been banned from performing his service. Preliminary disciplinary investigations had also been initiated against four other soldiers. In addition, two sergeants from the guard battalion are said to be involved in the case. The outgoing Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is likely to come under renewed pressure from the case. Only last year it became known that there were several right-wing extremist incidents in the Bundeswehr special unit KSK. Kramp-Karrenbauer then ordered a fundamental reform of the unit – and promised to take a tough line against extremism in the Bundeswehr.

The Ministry of Defense will investigate the new case “with all severity,” wrote it on Twitter. “We are deeply ashamed,” the ministry said. “Every suspected case is one too many. We emphasize again: We do not tolerate extremism – there is zero tolerance for any crime.”