Users reported failures: Another disruption on Facebook and Co.

As a user of the Facebook services, you have to have strong nerves in the past few days. On Friday evening there are again problems with Instagram and Co. The problems this time are apparently not as serious as at the beginning of the week and quickly resolved.

Facebook struggled with technical problems for the second time within a week. “We are aware that some people and companies have difficulties accessing Facebook products,” said a company spokesman on Friday evening. “We are working on a speedy return to normal and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Facebook announced via Twitter that some users had problems accessing apps and services from the group. With platforms such as “Downdetector”, users again reported problems with the entire range of Facebook apps: the online network itself, the Whatsapp and Messenger chat services and the Instagram photo platform. Almost two hours later, Facebook reported that the error had been fixed. Many users vented their anger on Twitter.

It was only on Monday that hundreds of millions of users had no access to the Facebook services for hours. Facebook blamed a faulty reconfiguration of routers for the total failure of the platforms. This disrupted communication between the data centers and “brought our services to a standstill,” said Vice President for Infrastructure, Santosh Janardhan.

The disruption not only revealed the vulnerability of the US group, but also hit Facebook at a very inopportune time: the Internet giant is currently under massive pressure from allegations by an ex-employee. The whistleblower Frances Haugen accuses Facebook of systematically putting profit above security and harming the well-being of young users.