Void Party: Now the Union is becoming a Chaos Club

With his strange approach, Armin Laschet creates turbulence in a way that has never been seen before. It remains unclear what is riding him or where he is going with it. One wonders: is this hubris, a loss of reality or a strategy?

If it wasn’t so sad, you could laugh. First, the Union stabs the most important media in the country through that Armin Laschet has announced his retirement from the CDU chairmanship in the parliamentary group, which ensures corresponding headlines and a certain sigh of relief that “the undead”, as the “Spiegel” called him , now its political end has been accepted at the federal level. Then he appears in front of the media and instead of resigning, declares that he will continue to believe in a black-green-yellow Jamaica coalition.

In addition, the unloved candidate for chancellor wants to renew the CDU comprehensively. New content and minds are needed. How was that? Hadn’t Laschet named a “future team”? And of course there is a profound and relentless reappraisal of the election debacle. It is only the next announcement that the CDU will be repositioned in terms of personnel and content, since Angela Merkel left as party leader. That was three years ago.

As a reminder, here are the announcements from the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus after the lost state elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate in March of this year on Twitter. “Our full concentration is now on getting our country out of the crisis well. We are working together with all our strength to achieve this.” The following were named as “milestones”: “District chairpersons & Eastern Conference: We discuss opportunities and challenges internally and collect ideas for a good future.”

So one can be wrong

Obviously, collecting does not work in the Union. She specializes in hunting. Everyone shoots across and increases the chaos. In terms of content, the Union is empty, as became apparent in the election campaign. Laschet has not changed anything about this – if only for lack of time. But he didn’t even try, because he was of the opinion: It will be enough. A federal government without a union? Inconceivably. So one can be wrong.

First Laschet presented himself as a reconciler, then as a belligerent attacker. Lately he’s been playing the humble buddy type who likes to back off in the interest of the big cause. He is “in the mood” for a “modernization alliance”, “a new political project” that breaks with old camp thinking. The Union cannot even reconcile its own camps.

Laschet gives the motto: “First the country, then the party and then the person.” With reference to exactly this slogan, a citizen asked him on a TV show before the election why he, who always claims to want the best for the country, did not hand over the candidacy for chancellor to Markus Söder in view of his poll results. The irritated Laschet replied in front of an audience of millions: The citizens decided who would become Chancellor on September 26, 2021.

Is the man not reading the messages?

If you take him at his word, the vote was, albeit briefly: Olaf Scholz. On the evening of the election, Laschet did not even congratulate the Social Democrats, but offered himself as Chancellor. It was already clear that he would not be head of government. Even if the Jamaica coalition did come, he would not be able to become chancellor. Its popularity ratings have not improved since the election defeat.

In the meantime, the question must even be asked whether Laschet is suffering from a loss of reality, whether his behavior is due to hubris, an ingenious strategy or both, in short: what drives him? Since the election, his behavior seems strange – to say the least – as if he lived in a parallel world. He is the “contact person” for further Jamaica talks. “I have the backing of the parliamentary group for that.” Is the man not reading the messages? Does he never look at Friedrich Merz’s Twitter channel?

Laschet names political areas as if the election campaign was not over yet, complaining that many important issues in the grand coalition “were difficult to move with the SPD”. That’s why Jamaica has to be here, that’s why “we will be ready with our ideas,” explains the man, who has been attested for weeks with no ideas and empty content. “We of us don’t slam a door.” Lascht names many demands that the FDP would like – as if the Greens in a Jamaica coalition were more willing to give in to the liberals than in a traffic light. It just doesn’t make sense.

Laschet praises black-green-yellow as the ultimate in progress, although instead of the SPD, the Union, which is currently strategically miserable, would participate. He asks the Greens and Liberals “why unilateral exploratory talks were launched without need”. The answer is simple: Because under his leadership the Union has degenerated into a chaos club.