Because of wrong vaccination quotas: FDP and Greens with harsh criticism of the RKI boss

With the nationwide vaccinations, the Robert Koch Institute has to admit a bias in the numbers. The rate is up to five percent higher. The FDP and the Greens see the RKI as being too close to the government and are shaking the chair of institute boss Wieler’s chair.

Politicians from the FDP and the Greens have lamented political influence on the Robert Koch Institute and criticized the head of the institute, Lothar Wieler. The reason for the criticism is the admission of the institute on Thursday that the number of vaccinated people in Germany was given too low for a long time. With Wieler there is “no trace of error inspection,” said the FDP health expert Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus (FDP) of the “Bild” newspaper.

Wieler was “too close to the line of the federal government,” she criticized. The FDP wanted the authority no longer to be subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health: “We are working hard to guarantee the RKI political independence in the future.”

Aschenberg-Dugnus continued: “We suspected months ago that the vaccination rate was reported too low.” But the federal government has always denied this. “It’s October now, and Mr. Wieler is correcting the quota upwards by five percent. And it is being pretended to be a success.”

The Green politician Dieter Janecek criticized: Other countries “do not know such problems with the recording of the vaccination quota: Germany is again overwhelmed.” Janecek also sees Wieler’s responsibility for the long school closings in Germany: “The RKI supported a course that paid special attention to children as alleged infection drivers.”

The RKI had written in a report published on Thursday with a view to the vaccination quota officially announced so far that an “underestimation of up to five percentage points for the proportion of people who were vaccinated at least once or who had been completely vaccinated must be assumed”.

It is to be assumed “in the adult population of up to 84 percent of those who have been vaccinated at least once and of up to 80 percent of those who have been completely vaccinated”. The figures officially reported to the RKI so far, however, showed a vaccination rate of 79.1 percent for adults who had been vaccinated at least once and 75.4 percent for those who had been vaccinated completely.

The reason for the bias in the numbers was given by the RKI that some vaccination centers would not report all vaccinations to the institute; In order to check the reported figures, the institute had a telephone survey carried out among more than 1000 citizens – the result indicated a significantly higher vaccination rate.