Fight against supply chain disaster: British industry calls London for help

The UK industry is urging its government to implement a “winter package of measures” to secure supplies in the country. In view of the high energy prices, she is calling for costs to be cut and emergency measures to be taken in the event of factory closures.

Concerned about interrupted supply chains in winter, a British industry association has called on the government in London to act quickly against the high energy costs. A number of measures are now necessary to meet the rising prices, said the chairman of the Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG), Richard Leese, the BBC.

To this end, a “winter package of measures” with three proposals has been submitted to the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in order to prevent a renewed interruption of the supply chain. The gas prices are at an unprecedented level, goods producers have to cope with these unprecedented conditions.

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The package included measures to contain costs over the winter, network costs within the UK and emergency measures if an energy-intensive facility needed to be shut down quickly, Leese said. He met with Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Kwasi Kwarteng and other industry representatives on Friday to discuss the problems. The EIUG is an umbrella organization that represents the interests of industries with high energy consumption. The organization claims to be committed to “fair and competitive energy prices for British industry”.

Britain is currently grappling with a major supply crisis. Millions of British consumers will face significantly higher energy prices, and gas prices are already at record levels.