Prize at the Hamburg Film Festival: "Nobody is with the calves" wins

The Hamburg Film Festival honors the best German films. This year Sabrina Sarabi wins the award for the best German cinema production with her film “Nobody is with the calves”. But other films such as “Lingui” and “Schlaflos in Portugal” are also awarded.

The film “Nobody is with the calves” by Sabrina Sarabi was honored as the best German cinema production at the Hamburg Film Festival. The producer Jonas Weydemann won the 25,000 euro producer prize, as the culture authority in Hamburg announced. The jury said the production was “an idiosyncratic as well as ruthless film”.

The film adaptation of the novel “Nobody is with the calves” is about a woman who struggles with life in the East German countryside. “Like the life of its protagonist, the film leaves us in smoldering uncertainty and challenges us. Director Sabrina Sarabi and leading actress Saskia Rosendahl work here in an almost frightening symbiosis that, despite all adversities, one would like to follow into the abyss with almost no resistance.”

Hamburg producer award goes to “Lingui”

The Hamburg Producer Award, also endowed with 25,000 euros, for the best international cinema co-production went to German producer Melanie Andernach for the film “Lingui” by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. The jury stated that the film shows a world in which solidarity among women brings movement forward and inspires courage. “Lingui” is about a woman in Chad who turns old tires into decorative kilns for survival and whose 15-year-old daughter is pregnant after being raped.

“Schlaflos in Portugal” with Ulrike Tscharre and Oliver Mommsen was honored as the best German television production. The jury: “The film, as directed by Florian Froschmayer, explores the broad field of love in a surprising, profound and wise way. In addition, thanks to the brilliant, quick-witted dialogues and the repeatedly surprising script by Sathyan Ramesh, it is extremely entertaining.” The producer of the film is Jürgen Schuster. This producer award is also endowed with 25,000 euros.

The series “Warten auf’n Bus” with Ronald Zehrfeld and Felix Kramer received the special award for serial formats endowed with 5000 euros – “because the series comes across as pure as if you were observing people through a magnifying glass”. Producers are Ulf Israel and Reik Möller.