Additional costs: 410 million euros: taxpayers’ association criticized "XXL Bundestag"

The Bundestag criticizes the Bundestag as a “permanent construction site”. Due to the fact that the standard sizes of 598 parliamentarians are now permanently exceeded, it has to be renewed and rebuilt again and again. That causes enormous costs. The fault is the “messed up right to vote”.

Against the background of the renewed growth of the Bundestag, the President of the Taxpayers’ Association, Reiner Holznagel, has criticized the construction of a new parliament building. The construction of the “Luisenblock West” office building, which cost 70 million euros, shows “what consequences the messed up voting rights have for taxpayers,” said Holznagel to the newspapers of the Funke media group. The building made of prefabricated wooden modules is due to be completed in December.

“With a reasonable right to vote and a Bundestag with a target size of 598 or fewer MPs, this new building would not have been necessary,” Holznagel told the newspapers. The new “XXL Bundestag” ensures that the government district becomes an “XXL permanent construction site”.

410 million euros extra costs

The background to his criticism is a calculation by the taxpayers’ association, according to which the future Bundestag with 735 members will cost 410 million euros more in the coming electoral period than a parliament with the statutory standard size of 598 seats. According to the report, only active mandate-related costs were taken into account.

In the last legislative period, the Bundestag, with 709 members, was well above the norm and, according to the calculation, caused a good 332 million euros in additional costs. Now the parliament is growing by a further 26 members. For this, according to the bill of the federal taxpayers in the next legislature, additional costs in the amount of almost 78 million euros will be added.