Precipitation on the assembly line: Tyson Fury wins the wild boxing spectacle

The third duel between the heavyweight boxers Fury and Wilder will be a spectacle thanks to strong boxing. The reigning heavyweight champion received two knockdowns himself – they were a wake-up call for the British.

Trilogies usually end with a bang and the third boxing match between the heavyweights Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder is a real spectacle for the audience in Las Vegas. World champion Fury defended his title with a knockout win in the eleventh round.

Fury as a Roman general

(Photo: AP)

It was already spectacular when they moved into the arena. While Wilder wore a robe and a mask studded with rhinestones, Fury put one on top. He presented himself extroverted as usual. Disguised as a Roman general and to the music of AC / DC, the still undefeated Brit marched into the sold-out arena in Las Vegas.

The fight began promisingly for Wilder. The American put pressure on the first lap and Fury was increasingly backward. Despite his weight of around 130 kilograms, the 33-year-old appeared agile and remained dangerous with body hits.

Fury too strong for Wilder in the clinch

In lap three it got really wild for the first time. Wilder’s strong right-hand wrestler hit Fury, who responded with two clean straights and Wilder goes to the ground. Then Wilder saved himself in the clinch, the round gong saved the American from the knockout

Fury on the ground, but the Brit came back spectacularly.

(Photo: REUTERS)

On lap four Fury got it surprisingly. Wilder was able to recover a little during the lap break and kept looking for the clinch to get stability. A clean right then pushed Fury to the ground, followed by wild wrestlers from the American. More hits sent the British back on the boards, but shortly before the end of the round he got back on his feet.

The precipitation, however, acted like a wake-up call for Fury, which got stronger in the following rounds. A bloody lip and swollen eye on Wilder were the first visible effects of the many Fury hits.

The passionate boxing Wilder saved himself from lap to lap, but a few minutes before the official end of the fight, the American was no longer able to block Fury’s blows. A right hook to the chin sent Wilder to the ground and Fury got the knockout.

In the first duel in 2018, Fury had to be content with a draw against the then world champion from the USA despite clear superiority.In early 2020 he wrested the WBC title from Wilder through technical knockout It was Wilder’s first defeat in 44 fights, after which he accused Fury of Smuggling weights in his gloves.