Disappeared during a hike: Eight-year-old German missing in the Czech Republic

A family from Berlin wants to spend a hiking weekend on the German-Czech border. After parents lose sight of their children while playing, all they can find is their son and the family’s nephew. The eight-year-old daughter has disappeared.

An eight-year-old girl disappeared on Sunday while hiking on the Bavarian-Czech border and has been missing since then. Since then, intensive search measures have been running around the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf), about two kilometers behind the border, said a spokesman for the Upper Palatinate police headquarters. So far, several people search dogs from the Bavarian police, two Bavarian police helicopters and several patrols are on site.

According to the investigators’ findings so far, the parents from the Berlin area went hiking with their two children and a nephew on the Cerchov near the Bavarian border town of Waldmünchen (Cham district) on Sunday. According to the information, the children played and moved away from their parents. After the parents couldn’t find the children, they called rescue workers. A son and nephew of the family were found again, but the eight-year-old daughter had been missing since the late afternoon.

According to information from the Czech news agency CTK, around 200 police officers and firefighters are taking part in the search in the vicinity of Cerchov, the highest point in the Upper Palatinate Forest. Sniffer dogs and a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera are also in use. “We followed the route on which the family is said to have moved with the girl, but without success,” said the agency’s police spokeswoman. The search area will now be expanded. The area is forested, at night and in the morning the temperatures were around freezing point.