District chairmen advise: Ziemiak: Party congress should re-elect the entire CDU board

After the historically bad Bundestag election, the CDU is trying to reposition itself – but who exactly should be involved is still controversial. Now the district chairmen should discuss the question of a member survey.

After its historic disaster in the federal election, the CDU wants to redefine its leadership by the beginning of next year. A meeting of the district chairmen is planned for October 30th. The CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak announced this at a press conference after deliberations of the top committees of participants in the meeting. Afterwards, the federal board should decide how the base will be integrated into the upcoming decisions – on the basis of an opinion picture in the district chairperson’s conference. A special party congress is then planned to reorganize the content and personnel. It is not clear whether this will take place in December or January.