Driving mistakes are to blame: Diesel tanker is stuck in the Rhine

Due to a driving error, a tanker loaded with almost 1,300 tons of diesel got stuck in the Rhine near St. Goar (Rhein-Hunsrück district). The water police said there was no leak after contact with the rock on Sunday evening. The scene of the accident is in the immediate vicinity of the famous Loreley.

The cause should be a driving error. According to initial findings, the crew had underestimated the very narrow and current-intensive route. The tanker’s fate was the Geisenrücke – a rock in the Rhine stream. As a result of the accident, the fairway on the left bank of the Rhine was closed. Shipping must therefore use the fairway on the right bank of the Rhine.

The five-person crew spent the night on the ship. A spokesman emphasized that the ship could not be recovered until today, Monday, in daylight. Nobody got hurt.