Rule for fruit and vegetables: France bans plastic from supermarkets

In France, around a third of fruit and vegetables are packed in plastic on the shelf. Against the resulting mountains of rubbish, a new regulation is to take effect from next year: Around 30 types of fruit and vegetables are then to be sold plastic-free. The ban is to be extended later.

Starting next year, around 30 types of fruit and vegetables may only be sold in France without plastic packaging. The responsible ministries announced a corresponding regulation. Consumers will only find cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, leeks, courgettes, aubergines and cauliflowers on the vegetable shelf without plastic packaging. In the case of fruit, apples, pears, mandarins and oranges are affected.

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With the ban, the French government wants to reduce plastic waste. It is estimated that 37 percent of the vegetables and fruits in France are currently sold packaged, the ministries said. The rules should therefore save more than a billion plastic packaging annually.

Up to six months after the ban has come into force, remaining stocks of fruit and vegetables with plastic packaging can still be sold over the counter. The ban is to be gradually extended to more and more products. From 2026 onwards, fruit and vegetables in plastic will no longer be allowed to be sold.