Ship got stuck in the Rhine: stuck diesel tanker is free again

Apparently it wasn’t a mistake when driving: the tanker stuck in the Rhine has been recovered. The ship has loaded almost 1,300 tons of diesel. In an evasive maneuver on Sunday evening, it runs aground.

A tanker that got stuck in the Rhine was recovered in the morning near Oberwesel. The ship, loaded with almost 1,300 tons of diesel, got stuck on Sunday evening. The reason for this was that it had to stop because of an oncoming ship, as announced by Peter Knopp from the St. Goar water police. As a result, the rudder power was lost and the current drove the ship onto a rocky middle distance, where it got stuck.

The ship could only be salvaged in daylight this Monday. The five-person crew had to spend the night on board. Two tugs were finally able to recover the tanker without damage to the ship and without injuries. The tanker has been checked and is now back on its original route to Switzerland, as Knopp announced.

The remaining ships had to move across the right half of the Rhine due to the closure. There was no leak as a result. In the incident, there was no water ingress into the ship, and no fuel leaked, the police said. Nobody was injured.