Speculation about the wedding: Helene Fischer soon under the hood?

It is now official that Helene Fischer is expecting her first child. However, the fact that she and her partner Thomas Seitel are also planning to go to the altar does not. Nevertheless, speculation about an impending wedding is now sprouting.

Either way – after a long break, Helene Fischer can look forward to eventful weeks and months. Her new album “Rausch” will be released on Friday – the first studio work after her self-titled long player from 2017. Preparations for her mega-concert planned for August 2022 in Munich are already in full swing. And in the following year, Fischer wants to go on an extended tour again.

But not only professionally, but also and above all privately, the 37-year-old has a lot to do. After all, she is expecting her first child. After this was initially divulged from her environment, the Schlager Queen has now confirmed the happy news.

If you believe information from the “Bild” newspaper, Fischer is seven months pregnant. The birth should therefore be due in January 2022.

Vague clues

But now the next speculations about the singer’s private life are making the rounds. Fans suspect that Fischer’s wedding with her partner and the child’s father, Thomas Seitel, will not be long in coming. Some even rumor that it could happen before the birth.

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The evidence pointing to this possibility is vague, but could nonetheless provide clues: Fischer is Catholic. She and Seitel are apparently planning their future together in their house on the Ammersee. And finally, Fischer’s parents have been married for 40 years – and thus perhaps a shining example.

According to official information, Fischer had been in a relationship with moderator and Schlager colleague Florian Silbereisen for around ten years since 2008. In 2018, the couple’s separation was announced. At the same time it became public that Fischer has a new man at her side in Seitel who was part of her stage crew as a dancer.