Tablet with update guarantee: Nokia T20 is a cheap iPad alternative

The Finnish manufacturer HMD is launching its first tablet, the Nokia T20. Technically, the Android device is a good standard product, a very affordable price, high-quality workmanship and an exceptional update guarantee make it a very interesting iPad alternative.

Offering good tablets in the lower price segment has long been a domain of Huawei. The quality of the devices from the Chinese manufacturer is still high, but due to the US boycott they are no longer an iPad alternative for many users without the Play Store and other Google services. HMD would like to use this gap to establish itself in the tablet business. He already made his debut with the Nokia T20. HMD sells it for around 240 euros, the LTE version costs 270 euros.

Unusual format, high quality workmanship

First of all, the unusual 5: 3 aspect ratio of the display is striking. The format has been chosen cleverly, however, because in practice it is a good compromise that displays content well in both portrait and landscape format. You can hold the device comfortably in both positions, as it is not too heavy at 465 grams and a 1 centimeter wide border around the screen leaves enough space for your fingers.

The Nokia T20 not only feels very high quality, it is actually exceptionally well made for such an inexpensive tablet. With the exception of an antenna recess, the back is not made of plastic, but of aluminum and the device is protected against dust and dripping water in accordance with IP52.

Display good, cameras available

The 10.4-inch display is an LCD with a pixel density of around 225 ppi, which means that content can be displayed sharply. The colors look natural, the white balance can be adjusted to personal taste. In addition, the device activates an eye-friendly night mode automatically or according to a schedule.

The contrasts are good for an LCD, the maximum luminosity of 400 nits is standard. However, an unreliable automatic brightness adjustment is annoying in the test device. If this is not an exception, a software update is urgently needed.

The display of the Nokia T20 is of a good standard.

(Photo: kwe)

You don’t have to say a lot about the cameras. Not much is to be expected with such a cheap tablet and the device does not exceed expectations. The front camera is good enough for video chats, the 8-megapixel camera on the back should only be used to scan barcodes.

Sufficient performance, little memory

The Nokia T20 is powered by the Unisoc T610. This is a mid-range processor that was presented in 2019. According to its own information, HMD selected it because of the global shortage of chips – the still largely unknown manufacturer was able to deliver very easily. But lower prices certainly also played an important role.

In the test, the Unisoc’s everyday performance turned out to be completely sufficient to enable smooth operation. The processor also masters games like “Asphalt 9” without any problems as long as the graphics setting is left at “Standard”. In addition, there may be stuttering.

In addition, you shouldn’t run multiple demanding apps at the same time, as the RAM is quite modest at 3 gigabytes (GB). This also applies to the 32 GB small flash memory, which can be expanded with microSD cards.

Good endurance, reasonable sound

With a 12 nanometer architecture, the chip is not as efficient as current 10 or 7 nanometer chips. But HMD compensates for this with a battery that has a very decent capacity of 8200 mAh. The Nokia T20 should be able to play videos for around six hours or last ten hours while surfing. According to’s previous experience, this seems to be quite realistic.

If you watch videos, the sound from stereo speakers is okay for the price range and size of the tablet, but headphones are still the better choice. You don’t have to rely on Bluetooth devices, the Note T20 has a jack socket on the bottom.

Update guarantee makes the difference

A weak point of Android tablets is always Google’s operating system, which is only moderately adapted compared to Apple’s iPadOS. This is not a real problem, but the devices often look like oversized smartphones. This is also the case with the Nokia T20, as HMD does not have its own user interface. Much more than Google’s Kids Space or an additional entertainment area with content from different apps shouldn’t be expected.

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However, this has great advantages. Because HMD can guarantee two years of operating system updates and three years of security updates. This is not the rule for Android tablets as a whole, but it is unusual for inexpensive devices. Because the Nokia T20 already comes with the current Android 11, it remains up-to-date for a long time.

The bottom line is that the Nokia T20 is not a technical delicacy, but above all thanks to the update guarantee, it offers a strong price-performance ratio. The device is a good and entertaining entry-level tablet. On the other hand, it is less suitable for the home office or school, as there is still no suitable keyboard cover.