After two months: Canberra lifts lockdown

Going to the hairdresser’s or eating in a restaurant – something that has long been part of everyday life in this country is something that the residents of the Australian capital region currently have to do without. After Sydney, Canberra can also end the lockdown – thanks to the ongoing vaccination campaign.

After two months, the lockdown in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) region with the Australian capital Canberra will be lifted on Friday. This is possible because 72 percent of citizens are now fully vaccinated, said the regional government. On Monday, the lockdown in the state of New South Wales with the metropolis of Sydney was ended – after 106 days.

The region around Canberra lies on the east coast and is enclosed by New South Wales. In the ACT, groups of up to 25 people should meet again outdoors and up to five people in their homes from the end of the week, it said. Restaurants, hairdressers and swimming pools as well as many other facilities can also reopen if strict distance rules are observed.

In mid-August, a corona case was confirmed in ACT with around 430,000 inhabitants for the first time in a year. A lockdown, initially imposed for seven days, was extended several times due to the increasing number of infections. Authorities recorded 28 new cases on Tuesday.

Australia with its 25 million inhabitants had long pursued a zero Covid strategy and was successful in the fight against the pandemic for a long time due to extremely strict rules. Due to the spread of the delta variant, however, lockdowns have increased in several regions in recent months.