Agnieszka Brugger im "Early start": "The possibilities of the traffic light are great"

Green parliamentary deputy Brugger sounded out for a three-party alliance in 2017 and appreciates the secrecy of the potential traffic light coalitionists. She is confident that coalition negotiations will begin soon.

The Deputy Leader of the Greens, Agnieszka Brugger, has shown herself confident that negotiations for a traffic light coalition can be successful in the field of foreign and security policy. There are a lot of programmatic similarities, the possibilities are great. “Now it is important to use these possibilities and to translate them into practical, better politics,” said the defense expert in the “early start” of ntv.

This also applies to the future equipment of the Bundeswehr in view of the increasing financial leeway. “But I haven’t read in any party program that someone wants to cut 20 percent,” said Brugger. “Even after the difficult times of the Corona crisis, in which we are of course also, the question of finances will not be easy. But that affects all departments.”

When asked about specific plans for the defense budget, the Green politician referred to “realistic planning”. It should be procured what is needed “and not where the individual constituency wishes of the individual MPs are or where any prestige projects of the armaments industry are behind it”. Brugger continues: “There is definitely a lot of construction sites to work on.”

“Not giving up certain skills”

At the same time, Brugger spoke out in favor of a German arms industry. “Of course there are certain skills that you should never give up.” The defense politician named digital skills such as crypto technology and sensor technology as examples. You don’t want others to be able to “take a look”.

With regard to the equipment of the Bundeswehr, however, Brugger turned against “expensive and risky in-house developments”. If it is not about key technologies, products available on the market should be bought. “Then it will also be necessary to ensure that the Bundeswehr is equipped reliably, quickly and inexpensively.”

Brugger, who is already being acted as the first green defense minister, was cautious when asked about the possible division of responsibilities within a traffic light coalition. “Posts are always talked about at the end.” She added: “In recent years in the Defense Committee in particular, we Greens have tried very hard to shape a responsible security policy, also with a lot of appreciation for the soldiers.”