excitement "completely free": Drosten is behind RKI and Wieler

When the Robert Koch Institute admits that the vaccination quota in Germany is higher than previously stated, criticism and allegations rage. Charité chief virologist Christian Drosten, on the other hand, defends the RKI and institute chief Wieler – and does not understand the excitement.

In the debate about the uncertainty about the vaccination quota in Germany, the virologist Christian Drosten took the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) under protection. He does not consider the unilateral assignment of blame to the RKI and Lothar Wieler to be justified, said the expert from the Berlin Charité im “Coronavirus Update” podcast at NDR-Info.

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The topic is not new either, the RKI has been pointing out the problem for a long time. Ultimately, the public excitement about the discrepancy is “completely in vain,” said Drosten. The situation has not changed. One has to reckon with the vaccination rate of the general population and not of adults: The difference between the reporting system and an RKI accompanying examination is small and “irrelevant” for the assessment of the overall situation. The accompanying study, a survey, also has some limitations.

It was the 100th episode of the podcast. According to NDR, the format is to be continued in the coming weeks with shorter episodes than last. In essence, however, he thinks his project of providing scientific information in this way has been completed since vaccines have been widely available, said Drosten. Science delivered. “The whole thing is now the task of politics.” Sandra Ciesek, head of the Institute for Medical Virology at the Frankfurt University Hospital, commented similarly on the continuation of the podcast. You and Drosten continue to alternate as conversation partners in the “Coronavirus Update”.