Lufthansa reacts to chaos: BER passengers should be there four hours before departure

At the weekend, passengers wait in long queues at the check-in counters at the capital city BER airport. Many miss their flight. Lufthansa obviously does not expect the situation to ease anytime soon. She advises her passengers to be at the airport at least four hours before departure.

After the travel chaos at Berlin Airport BER last weekend, Lufthansa advises its passengers to be at the check-in not just two, but four hours before departure. The “Berliner Morgenpost” reported on Monday evening. Lufthansa has already informed its passengers about this change.

The newspaper has a letter from the airline, which reacts to the chaos at BER. The Lufthansa e-mail states: “Due to the increased number of passengers at the beginning of the holiday, there may be longer waiting times at the check-in counters and at the security controls at Berlin Airport. For this reason we would like to ask you to arrive at least 240 minutes in advance To arrive at the airport for departure. ”

Long queues formed at the check-in counters and at the security controls at the weekend. As a result, many travelers missed their flights. According to Lufthansa, the main problem is the lack of handling capacities at the capital’s airport. A company spokeswoman said that the maximum possible number of twelve counters was opened at check-in and additional staff were deployed in the waiting area.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Company (FBB) also put the problems at the weekend mainly on staff shortages at the check-in counters that are occupied by the airlines at BER. Mainly because of sick leave, the staffing level was “below the planning”. So there were significantly longer waiting times, especially on Saturday, even though significantly fewer people were out on the day than Friday and Sunday.