Because of policy violation: Youtube blocks more # everything aufdentisch clips

It was not until Monday that the Cologne Regional Court decided that Youtube should not have deleted two videos of the # allesaufdentisch campaign without further ado. Now the platform bans two clips again. The reason given is incorrect information about the pandemic.

The video platform Youtube has deleted two more videos of the controversial campaign #allesaufdentisch. A Youtube spokesman confirmed that in the evening. The reason given was a breach of a company’s policy on misinformation about the corona pandemic.

This means that a total of four videos of the campaign are currently deleted. Youtube recently deleted three clips, but uploaded one of them again after checking it again.

The internet video campaign #allesaufdentisch, in which actors Volker Bruch and Wotan Wilke Möhring, among others, took part, started at the end of September. The concept: Actors and other artists interview partners from various specialist areas on medical and social aspects of the pandemic. In many of the videos, the Corona measures and the media reporting about them are criticized, among other things.

Court decides against Youtube

Critics accuse the creators of using conspiracy-ideological narratives. The video campaign is reminiscent of an action that had caused a sensation months before: At that time, people from the film scene criticized the handling of the corona virus with satirical videos under the hashtag #allesdichtmachen. Bruch – known from the TV series “Babylon Berlin” – was already a prominent face of the action back then. This had provoked controversial reactions – some accused the group of playing down the pandemic and mocking the victims, doctors and nurses. Several participants later distanced themselves.

On Monday evening it became known that a German court had already dealt with the new video campaign. Cologne judges ruled that two clips that YouTube had removed should not have been deleted. At the request of the initiators of the Internet campaign, the Cologne regional court issued temporary injunctions against the platform, which belongs to the Google concern.

The court justified that YouTube had not given the channel operators of the campaign concrete enough information about which passages in their opinion violated which provision of their guideline. The decision will only take effect once it has been served on YouTube. Youtube can then also object in an urgent procedure