By order of Biden: Boeing introduces compulsory vaccination for US employees

In order to stop the corona pandemic, the US president is relying on vaccination requirements for employees in certain areas. This includes federal agency employees and government contractors. At Boeing alone, this affects 125,000 employees. According to Biden’s will, it should be 100 million.

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is introducing mandatory vaccination for contractors from US federal agencies as part of an order issued by President Joe Biden. “By December 8, the approximately 125,000 US employees must either present a vaccination certificate or take recognized, reasonable protective measures as a result of a disability or sincere religious beliefs,” said Boeing. According to its own information, Boeing has a total of more than 143,000 employees worldwide.

The US airlines American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines as well as the aircraft parts manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems also declare that they will adhere to the deadline prescribed by Biden. Biden had one at the beginning of September in view of the sharp increase in the number of infections Compulsory corona vaccination for federal employees and government contractor employees proclaimed.

In addition, companies with more than 100 employees should have to ensure that their employees are vaccinated or tested once a week. The Ministry of Labor will shortly issue a corresponding emergency regulation, Biden announced on Thursday. Several media outlets report that the ministry has sent a draft emergency settlement to the White House. Some details could still change, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters news agency.

According to the Democrat, the measures affect around one hundred million people. Without a vaccination, there would be endless months of chaos in hospitals, damage to the economy, fear in schools and empty restaurants, Biden defended his plan on Thursday.

The Republicans immediately announced an appeal against the vaccination requirements. On Monday, the Texas Prime Minister Gregg Abbott declared all corona vaccination obligations in his state to be invalid. “I have an executive order banning mandatory vaccination by any facility in Texas,” the governor tweeted. Many leading Republicans had described compulsory vaccination as an attack on citizens’ personal freedoms.

The US vaccination campaign is making very slow progress. According to the U.S. health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 56.5 percent of the population is fully vaccinated to date.