Eight-year-old still in the hospital: Julia is fine "actually relatively good"

In the Czech border area, almost 1,400 people spent two days looking for the missing Julia. When she was found on Tuesday afternoon, there was great relief. Now the eight-year-old is discharged from the hospital – and describes the past few days.

Eight-year-old Julia, found after two days of disappearance in the German-Czech border area, has been discharged from the hospital in good health. She was able to leave the clinic almost a day after her discovery in the forest accompanied by family members, as the Upper Palatinate police headquarters in Regensburg announced. She was therefore uninjured except for a slight scratch on the leg, but had to be slowly warmed up again.

The eight-year-old was in a so-called warming bed overnight because she was hypothermic after the two cold nights in the forest. According to the information, Julia was always on the move after initial interviews and has probably covered several kilometers on foot in the forest. However, the exact route can no longer be traced. At night she slept on a meadow in tall grass and probably observed animals such as deer, foxes and a wild boar.

She described therefore that she was afraid in the forest at night and therefore had not drawn attention to herself. You haven’t eaten or drunk anything. She had been looking for the hiking trail on which she and her family had climbed a mountain, but she could not find it.

The disappearance of the girl from the greater Berlin area had moved the people in the area around Mount Cerchovs – in German Schwarzkopf – since Sunday. Around 1,400 emergency services have been looking for the schoolgirl since the parents reported missing, and the search was continued intensively on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Förster praises Julia’s perseverance

A forester finally discovered the severely hypothermic but uninjured girl in an impassable piece of forest. She was “completely exhausted in a bush and did not attract attention,” it said. Julia was found by the forester Martin Semcky, who praised the girl’s perseverance: “To do that, she must have been very skilled.”

Semecky and his colleagues, in consultation with the operations management, searched a piece of forest that was just outside the official search radius. “Suddenly little Julia was standing in front of us, she was sitting about ten meters away in the tall grass,” reported the forester. The family let it be known that they were “overjoyed and expressly thank all the helpers”.

The parents had climbed to the top of the mountain with Julia, her brother and a cousin on Sunday. During the descent, the children had gone alone and were probably lost. While the two boys were found on Sunday evening, Julia remained missing.