"Summer house of the stars" – Episode 5: "Bathing suits must be taped off"

Mola injures his leg, Mike puts the things out for his wife and Adelina is said to smell “like an ashtray”. The whole madness of episode 5 culminates in the end with the question: Could it be that Mola is only simulating?

Can you believe it? All over the world there is “election manipulation”, most recently supposedly in Germany, when the SPD simply became the strongest force in the country, instead of – as it should actually be – “the Violettes”, party for “spiritual politics” or “the rabbit friends”, Party of the Strullendorf Small Animal Breeding Association. And now also election manipulation in the “summer house of the stars”! Mike, in episode 5 in acute “lion mode”, wants to “bite away” all those who put him and his wife on the nomination list.

More and more house residents are turning away from the couple. Especially since Cee’s theology student scared Adelina to tears. We learn from Mola that the woman on the side of “the devil” used to be “completely different” and “a sunshine”. Meanwhile, under the thumb of a “supposedly strong personality”, Michelle is “unrecognizable”.

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The residents quickly realize how well “the couple from the other planet” is doing them. Together with Sascha, the flatmates referred to by Monballijn as “marionettes” do Pilates, have good conversations and clearly feel at ease with each other – much to the annoyance of the man, “in whom evil slumbers.”

“You smell like an ashtray”

Episode 5 is also the episode in which we should take a closer look at the relationship between Mola and Adelina. The moderator probably means, as his girlfriend himself says, “not angry” when he exposes her to ridicule in front of the assembled team and constantly exposes her. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this behavior seems rather strange to the group as well as to the viewer instead of being humorous.

The 48-year-old complains publicly that his girlfriend “doesn’t wash” and “smells like an ashtray” after smoking. There is hardly anything she can do correctly, neither run nor run properly, and certainly not slide. While he exposes her and says loudly to the others: “She doesn’t even gargle!”, Most of the properties look at the ground in shame. Some people turn away and say that it is “not okay”, as the “silverback” says about his better half.

No less unpleasant are the macho derailments of the self-proclaimed “pack leader” without a pack (Mike) towards his wife. One of the things he asks his Michelle after getting up is: “What are you wearing today?” Bathing suits have to be “taped up” because what Michelle wears “upstairs and down” is important. “I also sorted a lot of Michelle’s outfits at home. (…) Show me your bathing suit! Can you pull a T-shirt over the top, otherwise that’s too much for me!”

But we wanted to focus more on the positive and not on “energy-consuming” people and conversations. First and foremost, these are the games. On the one hand the game “Alphabet Slide”, on the other hand the game “Lip Service”. It is secondary who wins (Jana and Sascha as well as Ben and Sissi). It’s these little moments that bring back the fun of trash TV. “Papa Bear” Mola slides down a long slide to the music of “Rage Against the Machine”, Steff mimes the Baywatch Hasselhoff and people who recite verses with oversized red plastic lips make the audience laugh heartily and shout: Yes, that is my “summer house”!

“I don’t want to be talked about!”

But the emotional stress is not long in coming and breaks out especially when Mike Cees talks to his wife: “Drive down! (…) I don’t want to be talked about! (…) And you don’t talk anymore either! ( …) Don’t think, do! (…) Get your facial expression a little happier! “

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At the end of that day, “the devil” collects the receipt. He and Michelle are nominated by all residents – oh yes, this “cowardly pack!” The couple from Berlin chose Mola and Adelina of all people for the Exit Challenge. Problem: Mola probably injured her leg while gossiping about his girlfriend in public. Thoughts are growing, the “silverback” could possibly simulate, the injury being a targeted move to stay longer in the house. Judging by your own statement in relation to the games: “We are constantly shit, honey”, Adebisi cannot be said that he would not fight.

One last word on the reasons why all residents want Mike Cees and Michelle out of the house. They are all too understandable: “You cut yourself off. You don’t talk to us. You are not interested in us”. But the young Leo doesn’t think a single one is justified. Overconfidence instead of self-reflection. His wife, once a “sunshine”, looks apathetically into space. Even Jana and Sascha are reaching their limits here with their Shanti teaching.