"That’s all I can do": Gil Ofarim files criminal complaint

The incident in a Leipzig hotel, in which Gil Ofarim is said to have been insulted in an anti-Semitic manner, continues to cause waves. Now the singer is filing a complaint against the employee of the establishment who is said to have approached him. At the same time he thanks for the solidarity that he experienced.

Musician Gil Ofarim has filed a criminal complaint against an employee of the Westin Hotel in Leipzig. He announced this in an Instagram post.

“I gave my testimony today and filed a criminal complaint against the employee. In the last few days I have said everything I can say on the subject in numerous interviews. I cannot say or do more at the moment,” writes Ofarim in the post with black picture. It had already become known that the singer wanted to file a complaint.

“No place for hate”

The public prosecutor’s office is now investigating and he hopes to be able to relax a little after these turbulent days, the singer explains. He would also like to thank you for the “incredibly many, very personal messages”. He was overwhelmed by “what solidarity is being shown to me and this important topic from all over the world”.

Ofarim closes his post with the words: “There should be no place for hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind in this world.”

“Speechless and Shocked”

Last week, the 39-year-old made an incident in a Leipzig hotel public. In a clip he shared on social media, the singer said he was passed over at check-in for wearing a necklace with a Star of David on it.

“I am still speechless and shocked, but at the same time not surprised”, Ofarim explained on October 11 in an interview with the broadcaster Pro7. He had already experienced anti-Semitism several times in his life.

Ofarim said he was “feeling a lot of solidarity”, but he was also wondering whether the whole thing would change the situation. Through his video, he “ultimately made himself a target. I am now threatened,” said the singer.

Escorted by police officers. More on the subject

On Sunday he played theater – “and suddenly the police stood in my cloakroom and asked me for information about where I was going to spend the night tonight. None of that made any sense to me, and I was escorted by the really very friendly officers – a bus in front of me, a bus behind me. “

What exactly happened in the Leipzig hotel is not clear. The employee Ofarim has now reported, contradicts the portrayal of the singer and, in turn, also filed a complaint. Witnesses also spoke up with a different view of things.