From Sarah Connor with Love: "Hiked through valleys and climbed peaks"

Musically, she has already stormed many peaks. But Sarah Connor also seems to like to lace up her hiking boots privately. This is proven by a photo with her husband that she publishes for a very special reason.

When Sarah Connor released her hit “From Sarah with Love” in 2001, Florian Fischer probably had no place in her heart. After all, a little later she first got together with Marc Terenzi, with whom she had two children. On the other hand, she did not marry the artist manager Fischer until later.

But today it is clear to whom alone the native Delmenhorst sends her love. Accordingly, she congratulates her Florian publicly on his birthday on her Instagram page. “Hiked through valleys and climbed peaks! Nothing is better than falling asleep in the sun right up in your arms … I love you. So much. Happy Birthday, my King,” writes Connor in her loving and almost poetic post

In addition, she published a photo that shows the two arm in arm in trekking clothes high up in a mountainous landscape. Apparently, the 41-year-old likes to go hiking – not with the men, but in the great outdoors.

Marriage secret revealed

Connor and Fischer also have two children together, daughter Delphine (born 2011) and son Jax (2017). In a Sat.1 interview, she revealed a secret a few days ago. “I’ve been in a relationship for over twelve years now and have been married for many, many years. Much longer than you think out there,” said the singer there. So far, it has been generally assumed that the couple tied the knot in 2017.

Sarah Connor is currently working as a juror for “The Voice of Germany”. However, she recently made headlines when she made her coronavirus infection and her experiences in the fight with depression public.