No urgent suspicion ?: The arrest warrant in the Green Vault case lifted

The investigation into the theft of jewels from the Green Vault leads the public prosecutor to six suspects. However, the Dresden Regional Court sees it differently in the case of a 23-year-old – and revokes the arrest warrant against him. However, the young man is not released.

In the proceedings for the theft of jewels from the Dresden Green Vault, the arrest warrant against one of the six urgent suspects has been revoked. Unlike the district court and the public prosecutor’s office, the Dresden Regional Court currently sees no urgent suspicion against the 23-year-old. However, the young man will not be released, as a spokesman for the prosecution said. He is currently serving a multi-year youth sentence because of his involvement in the theft of gold coins from the Bode Museum in Berlin in 2017.

The public prosecutor’s office is examining whether to lodge a complaint against the decision. The 23-year-old remains suspect in connection with the coup in Dresden. The situation of evidence against him is more complex than that of the other accused “in factual and legal terms”. The Dresden Higher Regional Court ordered three of them to remain in custody. Another defendant’s complaint was dismissed as unfounded. A 24-year-old is also in juvenile detention for stealing gold coins.

4,300 diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds

The investigators are convinced that the young men from a well-known large family of Arab origin from Berlin were directly involved in the break-in of the Saxon Treasury Museum on November 25, 2019. They are accused of serious gang theft, arson and particularly serious arson. The 23 to 28-year-olds are said to have broken into the residential palace armed. Your booty: 21 pieces of jewelery with 4,300 diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds with a total insurance value of at least 113.8 million euros. In addition, they are said to have left property damage in the amount of over one million euros.

All of the accused are German citizens. You have been caught in several raids since November 2020 in Berlin. Four of them are in custody, two have been convicted of their involvement in the theft of gold coins. The investigations into other participants and the whereabouts of the art treasures are ongoing. They are also looking for helpers and backers.