State expands 2G option: retailers in Hessen are allowed to exclude unvaccinated people

So far, operators in the Hessian culture, gastronomy and event sector have been able to choose whether they only allow people who have been vaccinated and recovered from corona into their premises. The state government is now expanding the 2G option model. It will also apply to retail in the future.

Retailers in Hessen can now also choose whether they only receive those vaccinated and recovered from corona in their stores. This 2G option model will be extended to the entire retail sector, as the state government announced on the new resolutions of the Corona cabinet. “We are assuming that this option will only be used on a daily basis and that everyday businesses will not make use of it,” said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier. “But that also means that without 2G the distance and mask requirements still apply.”

Operators in the culture, gastronomy and event sectors have already been able to apply the 2G rule. Anyone who only allows vaccinated and convalescents into their rooms or shops can waive the requirement to keep a distance and mask.

The country’s amended Corona regulation, which has been extended until November 7, also provides for relaxation that also affects Christmas markets. These could take place this year, access controls are not required, explained Bouffier. In general, the following applies to public festivals: They can be held without the approval of certain numbers of people.

The new corona rules also include the fact that in old people’s and nursing homes there is no longer an automatic entry ban for the entire facility in the event of a single case of infection. Instead, individually required protective measures should be taken.

The regulation also provides for stricter regulations: Unvaccinated hospital staff must be tested for the coronavirus twice a week. In schools, the following applies: the mask on at the seat and daily tests immediately after a positive rapid test, for example from a classmate – and not only after confirmation by a more precise PCR test.