Temperatures up to 25 degrees: Golden October can still be seen

Ground frost, thick fog – it already feels a lot like winter at the moment. The view towards the weekend promises a touch of golden October for parts of Germany – next week even with temperatures above 20 degrees. In addition, it will be stormy, knows ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander.

ntv: It’s so gray outside that you could think that November has already arrived. Are there any chances for the golden October again?

Björn Alexander: In fact, it is often cloudy in November at the moment. But there are already sun winners – for example, they live in southwest Germany. And in the direction of the weekend, October of the golden kind will often get its share. Only – and this is unfortunately the downside of the advancing season – not everywhere anymore. Because partly fog and high fog will hold up quite tough.

Do we get slightly higher temperatures again?

At night, there is still light frost or ground frost in some areas towards the weekend. During the day, however, it gradually becomes milder. At the weekend, sometimes with 10 to 17 degrees. And next week we’ll even get a little extra from late summer.

How warm is it then?

ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander

(Photo: ntv)

In the middle of next week – when the hot air nozzle from the southwest reaches its peak – the temperatures in Germany rise widely to around 20 degrees. In some places, values ​​of 23 to 25 degrees cannot be ruled out. At the same time, however, the wind blows strong to stormy with a foehn storm on the Alps.

A full blown storm situation?

There is currently still a lot of room to speculate. It is quite certain that the warm air bubble is being blown into Germany from an intensive low pressure area with high storm potential. Accordingly, it is already a rough situation for us. The only question is how close the low will get to us. The weather models still have different opinions here, so we have to wait a little longer with regard to the risk of storms in Germany. As things stand now, the peak of the wind would be on Thursday next week.

Speaking of the highlight: the storms should continue on the Mediterranean. When is the top reached there?

From Sunday it will also be quieter in southeast Europe in the Aegean Sea, Greece, Balkans and Turkey. Before that, the cold air from the north in combination with the around 25 degrees warm Mediterranean Sea ensures that the risk of storms increases again.

What are the dangers for the local people?

First of all, violent thunderstorms with the risk of large hail, gusts of wind to hurricane and heavy rain with the risk of flooding. In some places, rain amounts of 300 liters per square meter cannot be ruled out. Individual tornadoes or waterspouts are still possible. So it is an explosive, sometimes even very dangerous weather situation.

Back to the weather in Germany: what can we expect at the weekend?

After the local early fog fields have cleared, it will be temporarily sunny and mostly dry on Saturday and Sunday. Only on the coast are there more clouds and a few rain showers.

At what temperatures?

In many cases, the values ​​reach 10 to 15 degrees. It is getting warmer in the southwest. On the Upper Rhine, things like to go up to 15 to 17 degrees. At night you can expect light frost or ground frost, especially in the mountains and in the south.

What are the prospects for the start of the new week?

On Monday we do not expect any significant weather changes for the time being. However, it will be even milder. The freshening south-westerly wind brings temperatures up to 14 to 18 degrees, on the Upper Rhine up to 20 degrees.

And on Tuesday?

It then becomes generally windier, at the North Sea and on the mountains with stormy gusts. In addition, there is occasional rain, especially in the northwest and north, while the rest of the country continues to be friendly. The temperatures continue to rise and reach a very mild 16 to 22 degrees. A similar weather distribution awaits us on Wednesday with windy and warm 17 to 23 degrees; in places maybe even more.

What will our weather do afterwards?

Thursday could be stormier and mild again. The forecasts then open up various scenarios. A lot is possible, from mild to noticeably cooler. However, the weather computers prefer the rather changeable approaches and October, the golden kind for all of Germany, has unfortunately quite a difficult time.