before "Köpi"Eviction: Riots at demo in Berlin

With the car camp “Köpi” one of the last symbolic projects of the left alternative scene in Berlin is about to be evacuated. Preparations for a large-scale police operation have been going on for days, and so far the situation has been comparatively calm. But on the eve of the evacuation date, it crashes.

Shortly before the planned evacuation of the left-wing autonomous car camp “Köpi” in Berlin-Mitte, riots broke out on Friday night. Unknown people smashed the windows of cars in the Kreuzberg district on Ritterstrasse and threw paint bags on houses, like a police spokesman would later do. Late in the evening, the Berlin police had assessed the situation as “mostly trouble-free”.

In the largest demonstration on Thursday with around 500 participants, a policewoman was slightly injured, but according to the officials, there were no escalations for the time being. In view of the incidents in Ritterstrasse, a spokesman said that the night could no longer be described as “calm” or “trouble-free”.

Shortly before the arrival of the emergency services, witnesses had, according to the information, seen about 20 people with pyrotechnics in the street in Kreuzberg. When asked, it could not be said whether these are also responsible for the destroyed windows and smeared walls. The car camp on a site on Köpenicker Strasse is one of the last symbolic projects of the left-wing radical scene in Berlin. On the approximately 2600 square meter property, disputes with residents are expected for the eviction on Friday.