Hand creams in the eco-test: Many cheap ones among the best

It’s not only getting darker outside, but also colder. Now the heating is in demand. And a good hand cream. Otherwise dry skin threatens. Because the warm-cold stress of constantly going in and out is a problem for her. Fortunately, there are good and inexpensive ways to protect yourself, as Öko-Test has found.

A good sunscreen was just in demand, now a good hand cream is necessary, otherwise dry skin on the extremities threatens. Because they are particularly stressed because of the dry heating air. And the constant hand washing caused by a pandemic also causes a not inconsiderable strain.

So it has to be creamed. There are corresponding emulsions in abundance. Fortunately, very good products are available cheaply. Eco test tested 53 of them. With a thoroughly gratifying result: 35 products were found to be “very good”.

A commissioned laboratory was looking for critical fragrances and preservatives, controversial PEG / PEG derivatives that can make the skin more permeable, questionable UV filters, mineral oil components (MOAH) and microplastics that are harmful to the environment. The composition of the packaging was also assessed.

Not to be recommended to all

Two hand creams were declared “unsatisfactory” in this context, five were even rated as “unsatisfactory”. Among other things, this concerned:

The “Bebe Cremedich Intensive Hand Cream”. Here organic halogen compounds could be identified, which are possibly allergenic, and contamination with aromatic mineral hydrocarbons (MOAH), which are suspected of causing cancer and damaging the result. The “Dove Hand Care Intensive Cream”. MOAH and PEG / PEG derivatives were also detected here. “O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream Intensive Care”. In addition to PEG / PEG derivatives, formaldehyde releasers, which irritate the mucous membrane and trigger allergies, were also found in the product. According to the Öko-Test, the manufacturer wants to replace them.

After all, the fragrance Lilial, which is presumably harmful to reproduction, can no longer be found in any product. This looked very different when tested two years ago.

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Consistently rated “very good” and also available at low prices include: the “Balea Hand Cream Olive” from DM for 0.64 euros per 75 ml, the “Ombia Hand Cream Kamille” (Aldi Süd, 0.52 euros), the “Today Intensive Hand Cream” (Rewe / Penny, EUR 0.51), the “Isana Green Olive Hand Cream” (Rossmann, EUR 0.67) and the “Cien Care Hand Cream” (Lidl, EUR 0.51).

The entire test report and all results are available free of charge here.