More than 18,000 people demonstrate in Stockholm against Corona vaccination card — RT EN

22 Jan 2022 21:40

Also in Sweden, which compared to other countries hardly had to accept any restrictions in the Corona crisis, there were demonstrations against Corona vaccination cards today. More than 18,000 people demonstrated in Stockholm against the restrictions.

During the Corona crisis, Sweden had far fewer restrictions compared to other countries, but the prospect of the expansion of Corona vaccination certificates is also driving people in Sweden to the streets: There were several demonstrations against vaccination certificates and restrictions today in Stockholm and Gothenburg .

More than 18,000 people had registered for the demonstration in Stockholm on Friday afternoon. The organization behind the event, Frihetsrörelsen (in English: freedom movement), was given permission to demonstrate.

However, the police permit was only valid for 3,000 people. However, the police did not intervene because “in the current situation, at least they did not violate the permit,” said Per Fahlström, spokesman for the police in the Stockholm region.

The demonstrators gathered at Stockholm’s Norrmalmstorg to express their dissatisfaction and then proceeded towards Sergels torg. The protesters chanted “Ja till frihet, nej till vaccinpass” (“Yes to freedom, no to the vaccination pass”). As Fahlström announced on afternoon, the demonstration was largely peaceful, so far there have been no unrest.

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