Media authority refuses to release files on the ban on RT TV stations because of “endangerment to the welfare of the state” — RT DE

8 Feb 2022 09:46 am

At the federal press conference, RT DE wanted to find out from the Federal Foreign Office why the media authority Berlin-Brandenburg can refuse to release files on the ban on RT TV and why they are not making them public. Press spokesman Christopher Burger was not very willing to provide information.

After the “Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg” (MABB; the institution’s own spelling is “mabb”) initiated “formal proceedings” against RT DE Productions on December 17, 2021, it finally informed RT DE of its decision on February 2, 2022 With. However, the immediate request for access to the files on the procedure was made declined:

“According to this, access to the files may be denied if disclosure of the content of the files would cause serious disadvantages to the welfare of the federal government.”

On Monday, RT-DE editor Florian Warweg wanted to know from the Federal Foreign Office what the refusal to release these files was about and whether there had been an agreement between the federal government and the media authority concerned – what Burger’s colleague had said before Andrea Sasse had still denied. However, spokesman Christopher Burger’s response left no doubt that the whole matter would continue to be treated as classified information. He said:

“What Ms. Sasse has already said is fully valid.”

When asked whether a regional media authority could dispose of such conditions without consulting the federal government, press spokesman Burger replied that the questioner would have to contact the media authority himself.

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