Ready to talk about security guarantees and neutrality — RT DE

25 Feb 2022 7:33 am

Ukraine’s President Har said Kiev was left to its own devices as NATO was “afraid” to give the country any guarantees. “We now have to defend our country alone,” said Zelensky.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky accused the West of leaving Ukraine alone against Moscow. At the same time, he declared on Friday that he was not afraid to negotiate an end to the Russian “invasion,” but that he needed security guarantees to do so.

On Friday night said he in a video address to the nation published on short message service Telegram:

“We now have to defend our country alone. Who is ready to fight on our side? I don’t see anyone.”

In the early hours local time, Zelensky said he had reached out to “partners” in the West to tell them that Ukraine’s fate was at stake.

More information coming soon.

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