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4 mar 2022 10:30 p.m

The Yemeni civil war has been raging since 2014. Saudi intervention in the war began a year later. But the West has so far shown little interest in this war, in which hundreds of thousands have died.

Yemen’s Houthi militia fighters took control of the strategic al-Hathera neighborhood in Harad district on Thursday, Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported, citing Yemeni media. They had previously exchanged fire with Saudi-backed fighters.

According to the local sources, the Houthi fighters also took control of a military camp in the area that housed Saudi mercenaries of Sudanese origin.

A day earlier, the Houthis fired ballistic missiles at a Saudi-led coalition military base in northeastern Hajja governorate, killing 10 Sudanese soldiers. An anonymous local source in the Houthi associations explained:

“The missiles hit units of Sudanese troops, part of the Saudi-led coalition, in Hajja governorate near the border with Saudi Arabia.”

A total of ten Sudanese soldiers were killed and more than 25 injured in the Midi district. According to the Yemeni television channel al-Masirah, Saudi planes carried out eight airstrikes on Harad district in Hajjah. The Hayran district was also bombed by Saudi jets.

Six airstrikes were also flown to the al-Ajasher desert area near the southern Saudi Arabian region of Najran. There was initially no information about possible victims and the extent of the damage.

Saudi-led fighter jets also carried out four strikes on al-Juba and Wadi al-Ubaida districts in central Yemen’s Ma’rib province and four airstrikes on an area in At Tuhayat district in western Hodaydah governorate.

Saudi Arabia began its military intervention in Yemen’s civil war in March 2015 along with a number of allies and with arms and logistics support from the United States and several Western countries. The goal was to restore the Riyadh-backed government to power and crush the Houthis, who had taken control of much of Yemen.

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have already fallen victim to the war and the Saudi intervention. Hundreds of thousands more are at risk of starvation. Most recently, the Houthi rebels were able to report a series of victories over their opponents.

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