Almost no quarantine requirement from May 1 — RT DE

Apr 5, 2022 6:00 am

From May 1st, there will no longer be a mandatory quarantine for most of those who have tested positive. However, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach does not want to give the all-clear. And nothing changes for healthcare workers.

Starting on May 1st, people who have tested positive for Corona, whether with or without symptoms and vaccination, should no longer have to be in quarantine. It is only “strongly recommended” for a period of five days. This recommendation also applies to contact persons of those who tested positive. This was decided today by the conference of health ministers. “The current regulation works, but it is not necessary in the long term,” said Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. The number of cases went down. Now you can resort to a procedure “that is largely voluntary.”

In practice, this should mean that only people with symptoms stay at home because there are no longer any benefits for recommended but not mandatory self-isolation without manifest symptoms – no compensation from the health department, but also no sick leave. However, the health authorities now only rarely issue the official order required for compensation.

An exception applies to employees in the healthcare sector. In the event of a positive test, they would still be placed in quarantine, from which they could “test themselves” after five days.

The announced changes are based on a recommendation from the Federal Ministry of Health and the RKI. Nevertheless, Lauterbach emphasized again that one is “not yet in a situation in which one can give the all-clear”. There is still no talk of a waiver of the planned compulsory vaccination.

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